Nationalise the Special Purpose Vehicles to end PFI!

A solution to controversial PFI deals Ending all existing PFI deals by nationalisation would pay for itself in 2 years, a research paper published by the University of Greenwich has revealed. Rather than terminating the contracts, the paper proposes nationalising the... read more

Royal Liverpool Hospital PFI to be scrapped

The Royal Liverpool Hospital PFI is to be scrapped and the investors ‘bailed out’. This is a reward for failure which we have known is coming for years. People vs PFI says that the government must end all PFI deals now before the public purse is burdened any further... read more

Infrastructure fund to abandon offshore tax haven status

The European Services Strategy Unit reports the following: “The John Laing Infrastructure Fund (JLIF) has decided to terminate its Guernsey offshore registration and become a UK investment trust. Announcing the results and annual report for 2017 on 23 March... read more

Brighton hosts the exhibition

Sussex Defend the NHS hosted the PFI exhibition from 24th to 27th March. In addition to the panels provided by People vs PFI, the NHS group had created their own panels for PFIs in the Brighton and Hove area, covering schools, the children’s hospital, Veolia... read more

PFI Exhibition and meetings: future dates

People vs PFI is pleased to announce two new dates for the exhibition: 20th March 2018 – 7-8:30 pm: Parliamentary launch hosted by the office of John McDonnell. See details here. 24th – 27th March 2018. Sussex Defend the NHS is hosting the exhibition at a... read more