Myatts Field North Regeneration- a PFI Horror Show

Today (21 July 2017), the Guardian’s Zoe Williams has published a devastating analysis of the Myatts Field North PFI Regeneration Scheme entitled The Real Cost of Regeneration. Myatts Field North is a council housing estate in Lambeth, South London, built in the... read more

People’s Safety Audit of PFI

How Do We Know Our Public Buildings are Safe? There are more than 800 PFI contracts across the UK, covering thousands of public buildings: these include 120 hospitals, more than 1000 schools, and homes for around 80,000 residents. These unaccountable schemes cost the... read more

The PFI model IS responsible for the Edinburgh schools fiasco

Two complementary reports were released last week that draw significant and damning conclusions about the Private Finance Initiative (PFI or PPP) funding of public infrastructure capital projects. The reports are all the more significant in that they were produced independently of each other and are directly concerned with the risks and financial rewards related to PFI.

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Edinburgh Schools Inquiry – No Whitewash Please!

In June 2016, Edinburgh City Council appointed an independent inquiry into the scandal around the Edinburgh PFI schools. Its report is due out at the end of January 2017, with a full report going to the City Council on 9 February. We will be keeping a close watch on... read more