Exhibition: How come we’re still paying for this?

People vs PFI is pleased to announce that a new photography exhibition on PFIs in the UK is about to be launched. The exhibition illustrates the range of PFI deals across different sectors, including schools, health, roads, prisons, housing and refuse into power schemes. It provides an overview of the extent to which PFI contracts have swallowed up public funds and channelled money into corporate coffers. The photographs are mainly the work of Marion Macalpine and the exhibition is accompanies by a booklet by Helen Mercer.

The exhibition will be mounted first at the Trade Union Congress in London from 18th to 27th September.

The format of the exhibition is similar to that created for the very successful and powerful “How Come We Didn’t Know?” exhibition, also by Marion Macalpine, about the extent of privatisation in the NHS, which has been touring venues in England for the past three years (see website at http://www.hackneykeepournhspublic.org/exhibition-how-come-we-didnt-know.html). Once the PFI exhibition is launched, it will be similarly available for use by local campaign groups and unions to mount in libraries, community centres, union headquarters and branches etc. across the UK. There will be 16 panels with an image and short text, as well as 2 text panels with an introduction and action points to conclude.

The images and the booklet will also be available on this website from early September. Copies of the printed booklet are available to order. We suggest a donation of £3 for single copies to cover P&P. Please contact Helen Mercer if you require more than one. See details below.

If you would like to arrange an exhibition in your locality or in your Union headquarters, please contact Helen Mercer via peoplevspfi@gmail.com

Make a donation

We very much appreciate donations towards the costs of printing the materials for the exhibition and the booklets. You can donate to People vs PFI via Paypal using the button below.