Next showing at the TUC, 16th to 30th October 2017

People vs PFI is pleased to announce that our exhibition of photographs on PFIs is to be shown again at the TUC, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London. The current interest in PFI, following John McDonnell’s speech at the Labour Party conference, makes this a must-see exhibition.

The exhibition illustrates the range of PFI deals across different sectors, including schools, health, roads, prisons, housing and refuse into power schemes. It provides an overview of the extent to which PFI contracts have swallowed up public funds and channelled money into corporate coffers. The photographs are mainly the work of Marion Macalpine and the exhibition is accompanied by a booklet by Helen Mercer.

The exhibition was first displayed at the TUC from 18th to 27th September and has proved very popular. We have had very positive feedback.

Feedback on the exhibition

Here are some of the comments we have received from visitors to the exhibition:

“Really brings home the shocking numbers in terms of overall cost to the public purse. Shows Government making decisions that would be obviously irrational if not driven by political agenda of privatisation!”

“Brilliant, eye-opener exhibition!”

 “Superb gallery show. Very clear and hard hitting.”

 “Super exhibition on PFI and what it represents for the vast majority of peoples in Britain and elsewhere in the world. It’s Robin Hood in reverse – steal from the public to give to the super-rich.”

 “As people that knew nothing about PFI before we have been thoroughly shocked and educated by this exhibition. We are now heading home to do further research into our local council and to spread the word far and wide.”

 “This is mind-blowing, absolutely brilliant. I had no idea how far and wide this pernicious initiative had spread. Well done!”

 “Brilliant exhibition. It deserves a much wider audience. What a pity that couldn’t have been available for the Labour Party conference.”

 “Beautiful photographs and the whole exhibition clarifies this scandal: revealing, persuasive.”

Book an exhibition!

The exhibition is available for local groups, trades unions etc to show and to raise awareness of the scandalous and multifarious ways in which private finance profits from our public services. People vs PFI has been exposing these scandals for many years now: recent events at the Labour Party conference make this an ideal moment to see the exhibition, and to book it for yourselves.

For more detail see our exhibition page and gallery.